Young Professional Couple

Bespoke mezzanine loft, multi functional, stairs & storage, bedside tables and bespoke desk.

Added area
5.67 sqm

10 days

October 2017

Budget range

Design & Build
Scandinavian Loft

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About the project

Scandinavian Loft, On A Higher Level © Grand Designs Magazine, featured in Issue August 2019.

As Featured in Grand Designs Magazine!

A young couple wanted a space saving solution for their small bedroom in New Cross, London.

For a ceiling height of 3.2 m, we created a multi functional mezzanine design in a Scandinavian style, built in a high grade birch ply and treated with natural Osmo oil.

The bespoke, multi purpose stair and bookshelf provides a dedicated storage space for a keyboard.

The loft bed area above the loft includes 2 bespoke bedside tables. We installed a flow mood light by the head board

The mezzanine level integrates electrics includes 4 LED lights embedded underneath, USB chargers, a separate light switch on the platform as you go up the stairs and plug sockets.

The client was very happy with the end result which transformed the bedroom into a spacious and contemporary room that allowed our clients space to sleep, work, make music and store.


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